Camila continuing to fangirl over the Teen Choice Awards.

This tweet honestly made me feel really happy because her life is just so much different now. Before, she was just a normal teenage girl. Her mom was waking her up every morning for school, not to mention she was waking up at home in Miami. She was just like us; a teenager being forced to wake up at 6 am to spend hours learning in a boring building surrounded by her peers. Before she would go home and sit on tumblr and fangirl over all of these celebrities that she loved. 
Tonight, though, she was one of those celebrities. She walked the red carpet, she was on stage to present an award. She was backstage meeting people and seeing people that she’s always wanted to see in person and meet. Not to mention that right now, she’s touring. She’s travelling the country with four beautiful girls and making her dreams come true. She’s inspiring others, and people are fangirling over her. It’s just kind of funny how things change, wow. 
Despite the changes, though, I love how, deep down, she’s still one of us; fangirling over her favorite celebrities and tweeting about it. 

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